About this Password Generator

Your free online password generator

The idea for building a Password Generator started at work, where I create several different accounts for customers daily.

This password generator is easily accessible, and immediately generates a secure password without even clicking a button.

Add it to your bookmarks/favorites you have a new and secure password instantly!

Random and secure passwords

The passwords generated by this tool are 10 characters (a secure password should be at least 8 characters). These passwords should be strong and secure enough for your daily internet accounts on forums, e-mails, blogs etc.

Two types of passwords are generated:

Pronounceable passwords
These are easy to remember semi-pronounceable passwords in lowercase letters only.

More secure passwords
More secure passwords combine uppercase and lowercase letters with digits. These are more secure, but not as easy to remember.

How the passwords are generated

This password generator is built with PHP and uses smart and random routines to provide good and safe passwords.

Your privacy is important

The passwords are never logged or saved on this server and no cookies are used.